Pet Food Assistance

Emergency Pet Food Certificates

Since 2010, DASF has provided PetCo gift certificates of $25/each to be given to people seeking short-term help for pet food/supplies. These have been provided regularly to the Denton Animal Shelter where they could be dispensed 6 days a week as needed. In 2019, DASF expanded the program to include the Lake Dallas Animal Shelter as a pick up location.

Handling and dispensing the gift certificates, DASF has the following terms and conditions:

  • No questions asked.

  • No identification required.

  • No residency requirement.

  • More than one certificate may be given over a period of time. (We are not counting).

  • DASF does not want any information on the recipient recorded.

Other Pet Food Assistance

DASF also helps provide pet food for Our Daily Bread and the Denton Community Food Center. Please contact them if you are in need of extra assistance.

If you are a veteran, please contact the Denton County Veterans Center for help with pet food. DASF provides pet food and PetCo gift cards to help our veterans pets when help is needed!