Where there's DASF, there's hope.

Dexter wasn't always such a well-fed house cat. Things actually used to be pretty tough, but with the support of his friends at DASF, he got a healthy dose of hope and the inspiration to help save other homeless animals in Denton. He's sharing his story because he wants everyone to know that each year, crucial donations to DASF save thousands of animals just like him.

Give on the day it matters most!

Thanks to bonus funds and sponsors, your contribution to DASF goes further when you make your tax-free donation on North Texas Giving Day (September 14, 2017), helping us fund shelter support, life-saving medical programs, adoption subsidies, and more. This year it's easier than ever to remember to give on #NTXGD by scheduling your gift ahead of time September 7–13.

Don't forget to share Dexter's story and let your friends know where there is DASF, there's hope, and every pet deserves a second chance.