To save more Denton area animals.


A comprehensive approach to animal welfare that provides for the humane treatment of all Denton area domestic pets and for every adoptable shelter animal to have a home.


To support the Linda McNatt Animal Care and Adoption Center and other animal initiatives through: 1) fundraising for programs and facilities; 2) marketing and public awareness; and 3) educational programs promoting animal welfare.

DASF does not operate the shelter; nor is the foundation involved in shelter management, policies or procedures. Frequently, the foundation assists in recruiting volunteers.

Primarily a fundraising organization, DASF provides private and grant funds to support shelter facility needs, adoption programs and subsidies, medical treatment for shelter animals, public educational programs, as well as other animal initiatives. DASF organizes fundraising solicitations and events as well as writing grants. Over 400 DASF volunteers assist in activities. The strategic goal is to ultimately save more Denton area animals through adoption and prevention of abandonment.

DASF Program Support

The foundation raises money for a variety of adoption and medical programs for shelter animals to increase their comfort and adoptability. Included are: 1) Emergency Medical Fund; 2) Adoption Subsidy Fund; and 3) Shelter Care Fund. DASF also provides funding for local animal initiatives that keep pets in their homes and out of the shelter. Additional programs include outreach support for low-income or financially disadvantaged pet owners, reducing the number of pets released to the shelter; and public education on spay/neuter and other pet issues.

DASF is a 501(c)3 public charity exempt from federal tax. Donations to DASF are tax deductible under the federal IRS tax code. DASF does not receive any city, county, state or federal funding. Our financial needs are met entirely through donations, grants, and fundraising events. Other than one part-time employee who manages day-to-day operations, DASF is run strictly by volunteers.

DASF initiatives and accomplishments

  • Raised $2.0 million in Phase 1 of the capital campaign to help fund construction of the new Linda McNatt Animal Care & Adoption Center (opened January 2015). This project is a public/private partnership with the city of Denton. The city will contribute $3.0 million toward their new municipal shelter which the city will continue to operate.

  • Raised $150,000 in Phase 2 of the capital campaign to fund the new on-site veterinary clinic and other internal shelter needs. The clinic will serve only shelter pets, treating injured and sick strays, providing spay/neuter and vaccinations. This will help lower adoption fees and make more pets adoptable.

  • Funded over $150,000 in the Adoption Subsidy Program to lower adoption fees for shelter pets. This DASF program has proven highly successful in saving thousands of pets by making adoptions more affordable while protecting pets with needed vaccinations and reducing unwanted litters through mandatory spay/neuter.

  • Raised over $40,000 in the Emergency Medical Fund initiated by DASF to provide medical treatment to abandoned pets arriving at the shelter injured, sick, heartworm positive, and more. This DASF program has saved hundreds of pets and allowed them to be adoptable.

  • Donated funds to the local food bank to stock pet food and supplies for needy pet owners, preventing surrender of pets to the shelter.

  • Provided over 75,000 volunteer hours from the DASF volunteer base to various DASF and community events, fundraisers and programs to increase awareness of animal abandonment and abuse.

  • Maintains social media presence to market shelter pets and raise money. Courtesy posts are also provided for lost, found and re-homing pets as well as for pet tips, information and more. DASF’s Facebook page exceeds 15,800 followers; the email contact base exceeds 7,000; the donor/mailing base exceeds 1,200; and the Twitter base is growing.

  • Educational materials for use at the shelter are under development.

  • Other marketing includes a variety of personal appearances, advertising, media releases, articles and more.

Currently DASF is focusing on continuing to save more pets by fundraising for the new shelter furnishings and vet clinic, shelter adoptions, and developing strategies/ programs to prevent pets from being abandoned or released to the shelter, as well as reducing the stray population through spay/neuter.

Annual Reports

Denton Animal Support Foundation, Inc. (DASF) was founded as Denton Animal Shelter Foundation, Inc. in July, 2006, by Ms. Bette Sherman and Ms. Pete Kamp. DASF has a strong board of directors with community visibility and excellent fundraising experience.

DASF is a 501(c)3 public charity exempt from federal tax. All donations to the foundation are exempt from federal tax. Tax id #20-4712596.
Registered agent & attorney: Widmer Law, Denton TX
CPA: Merki & Associates, Denton TX
IRS 990 information may be viewed at: www.donorbridgetx.org

Mailing address: PO Box 486, Denton, TX 76202
Contact email: info@dentonasf.com

Note: DASF does not operate the shelter and is not involved in shelter management, policies or procedures. For questions concerning the shelter, please contact the Linda McNatt Animal Care & Adoption Center.