Government Shutdown Affects Pets


Since the government shutdown began, we have heard stories of how it affects the general population. While the prolonged partial government shutdown is affecting thousands of employees, it's also impacting animals in need of help.

Denton Animal Support Foundation is receiving requests for emergency aid. Owners have not been paid for a month; and they are unable to pay for their pets' much-needed supplies. The most frequent request is for prescription foods and life-saving medications, both of which can be very expensive. DASF is committed to helping these owners keep their pets healthy and at home where they belong. We do not wish to see any of these pets suffer nor do we want to see any pet surrendered to a shelter. These pets would not be considered easily adoptable in a shelter environment.

WE NEED YOUR HELP URGENTLY! Donations to DASF will help us fill this serious need in our community and would be greatly appreciated!

Kiara Helgesen