North Texas Giving Day 2016

Collage with a dog, a cat, and the North Texas Giving Day logo

North Texas Giving Day 2016 is complete, and thanks to your generosity, DASF was able to raise more than $75,000 to help save more Denton area animals.

Rescuing a lost puppy or saving a litter of stray kittens is as easy as clicking a button. If you can only give once this year, North Texas Giving Day is the day! The donations we receive on North Texas Giving Day through the North Texas Giving Day website will go even further to help Denton animals in need.

If you have a debit or credit card and access to the internet, you can help us make some tails wag. All donations received through are amplified and are tax deductible. All donations between $25 and $50,000 receive bonus funds.

The treatment and survival of animals in the Denton community is greatly improved due to your generosity as a DASF donor. Your funds are essential as we work to provide support for homeless and neglected pets. Here is how we put your donations to work to save more Denton area animals:

Adoption Subsidy Fund

Adoption subsidy funding lowers the cost of adoption for “harder to place” pets such as older and special needs animals to allow them a second chance at a forever home. Adoption subsidy funding is important as well during high-volume months when the shelter is at full capacity. The staff and volunteers at the shelter work very hard to ensure that every adoptable pet finds a new loving home. The live exit rate for the Linda McNatt Animal Care and Adoption Center is consistently over 90%, which is almost unheard of for a municipal shelter. Adoption subsidy funding helps those harder to place pets get the extra time they need to find the right home.

Medical Expense Fund

Some animals that find their way to the Linda McNatt Animal Care and Adoption Center are in need of medical attention before they can be adopted out. Medical expense funding allows pets to receive needed medical care including heartworm treatment, medications, and even surgical procedures to enhance their quality of life and increase their chance of adoption.

General Shelter Support

DASF also provides general shelter support to ensure that the Linda McNatt Animal Care and Adoption Center has needed supplies that could strain shelter resources. Microchips, kennels, small-pet carriers, cameras for pet photos to encourage adoptions, and any additional supplies are all included in the general support provided by DASF. Growth in both the human and pet populations in the Denton area has increased the number of pets entering the Shelter’s doors. This support can be vital to the continued high live exit rate.

Social Media Adoption Promotion

Denton Animal Support Foundation and shelter volunteers work constantly to promote adoptable pets on Instagram and Facebook as well as answer questions, in an effort to find homes for adoptable pets. With over 40,000 Facebook followers and a growing community, older and hard to adopt pets are given a much higher chance for adoption through the efforts of DASF and shelter volunteers. Some pets that may need an extra “boost” are promoted with DASF funds to broaden the audience of potential adopters. Many adopters have noted that they found out about their new family members through DASF’s social media sites.

Educating Future Pet Gaurdians

Denton Animal Support Foundation volunteers travel to elementary schools across the Denton area to give presentations to children about proper pet guardianship and safety so that students can be prepared to safety interact with animals in the community and care for their own furry family members. Teaching students about the importance of spaying and neutering as well as adopting pets from the Linda McNatt Animal Care and Adoption Center are important parts of the program. Care of animals and planning before adopting are stressed. Other areas of the program stress that animals feel joy, pain, happiness, sadness, and all the emotions we do. They are not toys, to be discarded. Students are also taught that pets are a lifetime commitment and require time, work, and money. Volunteers have presented to more than 2,300 children in Denton ISD in the past 2 years, including ESD and presentations geared toward different grade levels.

Safe Haven

According to the American Humane Association, upwards of 40% of domestic violence victims will not leave an abusive situation for fear that the abuser will hurt or kill a pet. Denton Animal Support Foundation has partnered with the Denton County Friends of the Family and the City of Denton Police Department to enable victims of domestic violence to leave dangerous situations without leaving beloved pets behind. DASF has committed to paying for the boarding services of pets of domestic violence victims who seek shelter at the DCFOF facility.

Community Grants

The Denton Animal Support Foundation seeks to support the programming of other non-profit organizations helping pets and the people who love them. Grant recipients have included organizations such as the Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP) to provide low cost spay and neuter services and vaccinations for Denton area pets as well as SPAN/Meals on Wheels to provide pet food for home-bound seniors so that they do not have to share their one hot meal a day with their furry friends.

For nonprofits like DASF, North Texas Giving Day is the gift that keeps on giving. Please let your friends know about North Texas Giving Day. If you can only give once this year, do it on North Texas Giving Day!

If you are interested in continuing to help us save more Denton area animals, here are some additional ways to contribute with no cost to you:

• Sign up for Kroger Community Rewards Program.
• Designate DASF as your charity on Amazon Smile.
• Volunteer at DASF.