Joy & Peace

Collage of happy forever-families and the word JOY

All of us at the Denton Animal Support Foundation wish you joy and peace at the holidays and throughout the New Year.

Your generosity has been incredible this year. Because of you, we have been able to sustain critical programs that care for the more than 5,000 homeless animals that come to the Linda McNatt Animal Care and Adoption Center annually. We have also been able to develop strategic partnerships and innovative new programs that care for our community’s most vulnerable pets and the people who love them.

As you make your final tax-deductible donations this year, please consider a gift to DASF to ensure that we can continue to grow these life-saving programs in the New Year.

Denton area pets are so grateful for your commitment to our mission to save more Denton area animals. Here are some examples of the critical work we are able to do because of you:

Support the Linda McNatt Animal Care & Adoption Center

Every year, hundreds of animals come to the Denton Animal Shelter in need of a little extra help finding their forever home. The Adoption Subsidy Fund increases the odds of these animals finding their loving family by lowering their adoption fee to $30. In 2016, nearly 600 pets that were older, had special needs, or were returned to the shelter from a previous adoption all benefited from the adoption subsidy fund, allowing them to find their forever families.

Protect Denton County K-9 Officers

In September 2016, DASF provided a grant for $2,200 to fund the protective gear of two K-9 officers with the Denton County Sheriff’s Department. These two brave K-9 officers put their lives on the line every day and deserve the best protection possible. Both dogs were fitted with custom armor to protect them as they serve the citizens of Denton County.

Help Women, Children, and Pets Escape Abusive Situations

A woman hugging her dog

In May 2016, DASF launched our new Safe Haven program, which funds the kennel services of pets of domestic violence victims seeking shelter with Denton County Friends of the Family. To date, the program has funded more than 430 days of kennel services and has allowed 30 women and children to escape abuse. One recent client was a single mother facing physical and emotional abuse from her grown son. After she tried to cut him off, he burned her house down in retaliation. When she called the DCFOF crisis line for resources, staff found her to be resistant to accepting shelter. After asking a few more questions, staff found out she had a dog that was given to her by her late husband six months before he passed away. The dog was the only reminder she had of her love with him. Because of the Safe Haven program, she was able to accept shelter for around sixty days and transition to a new life of safety.

Provide Access to Low-Cost Healthcare

A woman with glasses kneels to pet her white dog

In partnership with the Texas Coalition for Animal Protection, four low-cost vaccination clinics were held throughout the year and saw more than 340 animals. DASF sponsored free rabies vaccinations for 287 pets at these clinics. For the second year in a row, DASF provided a $5,000 grant to the Texas Coalition for Animal Protection to heavily subsidize the cost of spay and neuter services. Thanks to this grant, 148 animals were spayed and neutered, preventing unwanted litters and pet overpopulation in the future.

Care for Critically Injured and Sick Pets

A happy Pomeranian

As funding allows, DASF awards grants to pet-owners in the community seeking financial assistance with emergency veterinarian bills. In 2016, DASF granted nearly $15,000 for the care of critically injured and sick pets. One of those grants was awarded to Zeus, an eight-month-old Pomeranian and his Mom, Callie. Zeus broke his leg in two places and required surgery to properly heal. Unfortunately, Callie could not afford the high-cost of the surgery Zeus desperately needed. DASF was able to fund the cost of the surgery so that Zeus could receive the care he needed and Callie could keep her best friend. Zeus is doing great and he and Callie are so grateful to all of the DASF donors who helped give him a second chance.

Feed Hungry Pets

A golden retriever; a small cat being held by a person in a red sweater

DASF has partnered with Our Daily Bread, a community soup kitchen serving free nutritious meals, to provide pet food for the four-legged family members of their clients. Around 75 clients receive weekly bags of pet food for their pets and they now have the option to receive vouchers for low cost spay, neuter, and vaccination services, funded by DASF.