Thanks for Supporting DASF

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From all of us at the Denton Animal Support Foundation
We wish you and your family the very best this holiday season.

We want to thank you for your incredible generosity. Your gifts have created meaningful change in the lives of Denton area animals. 2015 has been a tremendous year for the Denton Animal Support Foundation and thanks to you, we can be very proud of how far we have come in fulfilling our mission to save more Denton area animals.

As you make your final tax-deductible contributions this year, we ask that you consider giving to DASF so that we can continue to enhance our programs and develop meaningful new partnerships in the Denton community. The pets of Denton County will benefit immeasurably from your support this holiday season. DONATE NOW


The Linda McNatt Animal Care & Adoption Center

The Year 2015 Saw the Opening of the Linda McNatt Animal Care and Adoption Center

The center is a state of the art facility that tripled the shelter’s capacity for pets to find loving homes. Year to date, $30,000 in adoption subsidies have been granted to the Shelter, which so far has helped over 840 pets find new homes. In addition, $6,000 in medical expense funds have provided assistance for 41 pets. Supporting the Shelter remains a key priority for DASF, as the number of animals finding their way to the Shelter continues to grow.

Community Medical Support Saves Lives

Baby the Dachshund

Wonderful DASF donors contributed to community medical expenses such as Baby’s. Baby is a three-year-old Dachshund who is the companion to Andrew and his grandmother Evelyn. This hard working family could not afford the nearly $4,000 it would take to perform surgery on Baby’s bulging disk. She could not lift her head and was in constant pain. DASF was able to cover the cost of Baby’s surgery. DASF also helped cover several other emergency medical expenses faced by pet owners in our community. We are only able to assist families like Baby’s with the support of donors like you.

Senior Paws Ensures Seniors Can Feed Their Pets And Themselves

A senior woman and her cat

In partnership with SPAN Meals on Wheels, DASF is providing clients of the Senior Paws program with pet food and supplies so that those seniors can enjoy their one hot meal a day without feeling the necessity to share with their beloved pets. A $4,000 grant provided funding for Senior Paws, and that has given participants peace, knowing that their pets will have meal security and appropriate nutrition too.



Affordable Prevention

Pets and owners outside of the shelter

In partnership with the Texas Coalition for Animal Protection, DASF is ensuring that Denton area pet owners have access to affordable vaccinations and spay/neuter services. Four low-cost vaccination clinics resulted in more than 250 pets receiving affordable vaccinations. DASF provided free rabies vaccinations for the pets of the first 20 people in line at each clinic. In addition, DASF granted TCAP $5,000 for subsidized spay/neuter procedures for Denton area residents.

On the Horizon

With your support, we hope to expand our programs to support even more Denton area animals and their families. We also hope to extend our strategic impact by collaborating with new partners to address issues of pet homelessness, neglect, and illness. In addition, we look forward to expanding our educational programs with the the Denton Independent School District and within the community.

Thanks for supporting DASF. Help DASF save more Denton area animals: DONATE NOW