Paw Prints – Fall/Winter 2012 Issue

Our newsletter has a new name, “Paw Prints,” and we hope that you enjoy it. There is a little bit of outdated information in the newsletter. Linda McNatt generously offered to continue subsidizing adoptions at the shelter for the month of September at a rate of $25 for dogs and $10 for cats so the reference to “half price” adoptions is no longer accurate. Many others, including some of you, also opened your hearts and wallets and donated for adoption subsidies. These funds are gratefully appreciated and will help to save many more lives! Please forward this message newsletter to anyone who has a heart for animals!

We hope to see you at the groundbreaking for the new shelter on Friday, September 14, at 11 a.m. at 3717 North Elm! Also, please remember that Get Up and Give North Texas will be Thursday, September 13. Online donations of $25 or more to DASF will be partially matched. Make your money go further that day. Reminders and specific information for giving will be sent next week.

This is an exciting time for DASF! Please help us share the good news about all the great things that are happening!

Click here to view the Fall/Winter 2012 issue of the DASF newsletter, Paw Prints.