FREE Rabies Vaccine and Low Cost Vaccine Clinic Survey (Anonymous)

Line of pet owners outside the TCAP Vaccination Clinic

In 2015, DASF sponsored 20 FREE Rabies vaccines at our first low cost vaccine clinic with TCAP. Fast forward a couple years and, with the help of our friends at TCAP, 100% of the rabies vaccines administered at the low cost vaccine clinic are FREE. As the population grows in Denton, so do the needs of it's residents - of all shapes, sizes and species.

In an effort to catch up with the growth of this program, we are asking anyone who has ever attended a vaccine clinic to fill out this survey. Please note, this survey is 100% ANONYMOUS. We are gathering  information that will help us when applying for grants to keep programs like this one going. If you have any questions or concerns. Please feel free to email us

Kiara Helgesen