Cat Carrier Program - Support for the Shelter

The Denton Animal Support Foundation does everything we can to support the City of Denton Animal Shelter. For the past 7 years DASF has been providing the shelter with cardboard pet carriers, given free with cat adoptions.

A majority of cat adopters arrive at the shelter without any means to transport the pet safely to its new furrever home. Before DASF began providing the carriers, there were incidents of kittens being lost during transport and we want to continue providing safe transport for newly adopted pets! Over the years, adoption rates have increased substantially and the number of cats handled in the shelter has grown. The shelter uses about 1,700 carriers/year and we only see this number growing.

DASF is seeking underwriters for the Pet Carrier Program so that the shelter can continue to offer adopters safe transport for newly adopted cats. If you are interested in sponsoring this program, please contact us at

Pet carrier diagram

We would like to say thank you to Denton Veterinary Center for being the first to participate in our newest program and sponsoring cardboard cat carriers critically needed at the shelter!

Dr. Randy Wuensche and Kelly Chaffer (with shelter staff)

Dr. Randy Wuensche and Kelly Chaffer (with shelter staff)

To support this and our many programs, please consider making a donation today.

Kiara Helgesen