DASF Success Story: Raven, Sandy, and Wilson

Black cat

When we saw that a 13 year old cat had been left in the shelter by her owners, we immediately came running. Two years later she’s still as feisty as ever! We love our Raven. I also have two other $30 animals- Wilson and Sandy that I adopted from the Denton Animal Shelter! When you scroll past all of the temporarily displaced animals in our local animal shelter, there are always a few who need a little extra- and they are usually labeled at a reduced adoption fee. Be it old, sick, less than pretty, or hard to place, the half-priced-pets just need some extra love. 

A couple with their adopted dog

Wilson was listed as a female named Cori. He refused to let any of the shelter staff check him but I can assure you, he is definitely a boy! When we saw that he had had a hard life — abscesses all over his face were an indicator of a life spent outside fighting — I was instantly drawn to him. As I said before, $30 is an extra trip to the vet, a new warm dog bed, or a bag of cat food. It may not seem like much, but a reduced adoption fees can make a world of difference for an animal in need.

If you would like to help pets like Raven, Wilson, and Sandy find a loving home, consider donating to DASF on North Texas Giving Day. On this one day of the year, your gift of $25 or more is amplified by bonus funds from the Communities Foundation of Texas. Help us make more second chances happen and save the date to donate!

– Cate

Cat sitting humorously on a couch