DASF Success Story: Frosty

At just two years old, Frosty was only months away from complete blindness due to rapid juvenile cataracts. He could not see his sister Molly or the rest of his loving family. The cataracts were dangerous and caused a great deal of painful pressure behind his eyes. Frosty’s family worked hard to provide the best care for their pets but like most families, they simply could not afford the $3,000 it would cost for the critical surgery he needed.

Frosty and his family

Thanks to the generous donors of the DASF Emergency Medical Fund, Frosty was able to receive vision-restoring surgery on both eyes. Carmen, Frosty’s owner, stated she saw a “vast improvement in Frosty’s energy and outlook.” Frosty now has a renewed sense of joy in seeing and playing with his family.

Frosty sporting a red bandana and a big smile

If you would like to help pets like Frosty, please make a donation on September 22nd, North Texas Giving Day. The gifts we receive on this one day of $25 or more will be amplified through bonus funds through the Communities Foundation of Texas. During North Texas Giving Day 2015, our generous donors gave over $83,000 to homeless, neglected, and sick pets in our community. Help us make an even bigger impact this year by saving the day to your calendar so you can get up and give!