DASF Success Story: Roxy and Jackson

Casey and her husband Samson have adopted not one but two half-priced pooches from the City of Denton Animal Shelter and today we’re hearing from her about how the Denton Animal Support Foundation’s Adoption Subsidy Fund made a difference for her family. If you’d like to help pets like Roxy and Jackson get adopted, be sure to make a donation on September 22, North Texas Giving Day! It’s the one day where your gift goes further with bonus funds from the Communities Foundation of Texas. 

Casey and Samson on their wedding day posing with Jackson

“We adopted Jackson in the winter of 2014, after he was returned a couple of times due to behavioral issues. The $60 fee at that point wasn’t a big deal, but we learned that he would be $30 when we got there. It took 35 seconds to realize we absolutely had to have him, but we were just there to look that day so we left him at the shelter for an hour to get some supplies and puppy proof the house and went back to get him. The extra $30 we saved went to a ton of tennis balls that he destroyed within half an hour (you can buy a lot for that much money)! 

Casey and Roxy

When we came to get Roxy last July we were immediately drawn to her because she and Jackson looked so similar. We specifically were looking at dogs who were returned (making them $30). We couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to have to surrender an animal, so we figured if we were in that situation we would hope someone caring would understand and give the animal a perfect home. It also broke our heart to think that she was sitting there scared and lonely without her family. Roxy took more time acclimating to our family than Jackson did but in her time she became a perfect fit.

The extra $30 we saved from Roxy’s adoption went towards classes for her. She came to us very scared of men, and with a lot of anxiety. The classes helped her to bond with us, and to start to trust new people more and more.  Our dogs are crazy but are our kids. Our lives totally revolve around them and we wouldn’t have it any other way! The $30 fee attracted us for reasons more than just a discount, it meant that we were giving a home to a dog who needed a family who could commit to them for life!”

Jackson and Roxy, sitting and posing for the camera