Adoption Spotlight: Bella

Bella receiving a big hug

There are few moments harder in our lives than when a beloved pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge. After Shelsey and her brother Manny experienced this heartache, they decided it was time to save another life. During a trip to the Linda McNatt Animal Care and Adoption Center, they found their new family member, Bella. Shelsey shares:

“Our family dog, a beagle named Camilla, passed away late October due to cancer. She was very old and the family was expecting it, but it was still oh so hard. We mourned for a while and our heart felt empty. By the beginning of the year me and my brother decided to go visit the shelter, but we were unsure about feeling a connection with one of the dogs but still gave it a try. We started walking along the kennels. Suddenly, we found ourselves in front of this beautiful, huge eyed, gray pittie. She looked at us for a second and started running in the kennel happy, tail wagging and all. As she came up to the glass on her hind legs, I turned to see my brother looking back at her. Immediately he claimed ‘this is my dog!’ and I swear he was going to cry. We asked to meet her and were taken back to the meeting rooms. As soon as our dog walked through the door and saw my brother, she ran and jumped to hug him! The photo above is of that moment. We didn’t need another second to think about it, nor wanted to see another dog. We took Bella home.

The first few days were nice; she was very well behaved but was massively scared of being alone. At night she used to cry in her sleep, but we were there for her and hugged her and reassured that she was now home and she will forever be. She doesn’t cry anymore and she is no longer scared, but is now glowing with confidence and smiles. We will never replace our lost dog but giving another an opportunity was the best decision we have made.”

Thanks to Shelsey and Manny for adopting Bella and giving her a forever home. You can share your own Denton Animal Shelter adoption success story here for a chance to be featured by DASF.