Furry Tails: Jimmy + Laura

Photo collage of Jimmy and Laura

We joke that our energetic little alpha-boy Jimmy’s doggie-mama probably “gave him the boot” at the tender age of 6 weeks. His little six pound self was found in an apartment parking lot and brought into the shelter by a citizen only to be taken home and cared for by shelter volunteers, Amy Pelzel (who likely provided him accommodations fit for doggie-royalty) & Mindy Lewis (who actually toted him around in her purse), both who have continued to be huge help to me as a new dog owner. MUCH patience (with his little naturally-dominant traits), training and A LOT of exercise have helped our now seventy pound sweet fella become the neatest dog! He goes everywhere with us – from the school carpool line to manning the bow of our boat in the summertime! Everybody loves JimmyJon so much and we are thankful for each person who happened to be in his path almost two years ago. 

– Laura J.