Furry Tails: Sammy + Molly

Sammy and Molly

My daughter is now 4 years old and has been begging for a pet for months. I’ve always had a cat for as long as I could remember until my precious cat passed away from old age a few years ago. I kept telling myself I didnt need a cat who would be neglected with a small child in the house. But Molly begged and DASF kept posting a picture of this adorable calico (all my cats have been calicos or torties) with a mustache and the sweetest face. I finally gave in. We adopted Cinnamon, who my daughter renamed Sammy from the shelter in January, and my daughter is learning responsiblity by keeping Sammy fed, brushed and loved. Molly and Sammy are always together at home, except at bedtime when Sammy curls up with me – although I have snuck into my daughters room to find Sammy curled up next to Molly. Sammy keeps a watchful eye over Molly during bathtime, when brushing her teeth and when she is eating, sitting patiently watching except during bathtime when Sammy meows at me from her perch on the corner of the bathtub when I’m washing her hair – I think she’s afraid I’m hurting her.

Sammy and Molly

Sammy and Molly are best friends, and I could not be happier with the lovey, snuggly, talkative little Calico we brought home!

– Mary W.

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