Furry Tails: Susie, Gizmo, and Audrey

Marmaduke and Susie

We adopted Susie in February after our Chihuahua, Newt, passed away shortly after Christmas. Our Labrodane Marmaduke was very lonely and needed a new friend because our senior dog Roxie (also a previous shelter dog we adopted in Oklahoma) was getting too old to play with him. We couldn’t have found a better companion in Susie. She was sweet and absolutely lovable.


A few weeks later Gizmo (previously named Mike) was welcomed into our home. Every since the two of them joined our family, Susie, Gizmo, Roxie and Marmaduke make our home feel warm and loved. I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything in this world.

– Audrey M.

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