Furry Tails: Cadbury + Megan

Cadbury in a pumpkin patch

I saw the picture of a cute chocolate lab/pit bill mix on the shelter’s Facebook page many times. Each time I saw him I realized he was getting more and more urgent. I was not looking to adopt a dog. I have a parrot and fish aquarium, and horses, and was getting married in just a few months; so I was thinking that I would get a dog after we were married and settled in a house, rather than my very small rental. I laid in bed for several nights thinking about him and called my fiancé crying about how I just had to go save him! I arrived the morning before he was to be put down, and we had a fabulous time playing fetch in the dog yard. I picked him up after his weekend at the vet and he didn’t even know how to get in the car. He was skinny and had a dull, patchy coat. He is at this moment stretched out in the floor snoozing after being outside doing his favorite thing: playing ball. He is such a joy. He is thrilled to ride in the car, to go swimming, to go play fetch, go to the park, go to work with me and the horses, anything I can come up with, he’s game! He might be a big lab/pit mix, but he is very careful and cautious with our two parrots, and has even been pecked at several times, which instead of causing him to snap back at the birds has caused him to cry out and skunk away! My husband and I am now expecting our first baby and Cadbury loves to just sit with his head on my stomach listening to the baby or burying his nose deep into my stomach sniffing. He is excited to welcome his new “puppy” and we couldn’t be happier with our little rescue dog. He is getting all geared up to go with us to a fundraiser walk for my work, a non-profit that teaches children and adults with disabilities to ride horses, and he will be dressed up with rabbit ears and bandana, loving every minute! 

– Megan R.

Cadbury Christmas card